Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Something to think about it

Have you noticed that the discussion over DigitalPoint about me is 13 pages long?

Don't get confused, I'm not proud of this at all, I just want to make a point to all "SEO's" out there...

  • When was the last time YOU or something YOU did was the main topic of such a big discussion?
  • Better yet... When was the last time that someone talked about you or something you did?

It's not that hard at all, in fact anybody can generate such a response easily, especially if you call yourself a "SEO"... After all, the whole point of search engine optimization is to reach the most people you can, isn't it? So if you answered "NO" to both of them and you have a couple of years in this SEO stuff (I bet you did answered "NO", don't ya?) It's time for you to start wasting your time in something else...

I'm soo 1337 :)

I just realized that I "hacked"

Another one owned from the list :) OMG, I'm soo 1337!

Anyways, I have been member of their forums for two or three days now and oh boy! Those guys really know their stuff, I mean they really have some pretty amazing shit over there... To bad most of them are brits and stuff like that hahaha!

Just think about their forums like DigitalPoint but for real men...  They mean more money and less bitching about rules for gay webmasters

12.3 minutes of fame?

This is a quote from from a loser at DigitalPoint
Hi, loser. Enjoying your 12.3 minutes of fame so far? 
Please click on the following links:

Right now I'm hotter than than a jalapeƱo pepper! And with the stuff that is coming soon, expect me to get even hotter :)


Is Google screwing me?

As a totally offtopic comment, the #1 result in google for screwing is pretty good. Just go and take a look:

Ok back to the topic, I'm getting Error 502 randomly when I try to visit my blog. At first I thought it was a really bizarre problem with my ISP, but then I started to recieve emails from other people that are experiencing the same (I also read about it at DigitalPoint)

Is it an error in blogspot, or is Google trying to screw me?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let's all complain

Wow, lot's of great news today for me. People found me and now they 
are complaining about me. Good job ;)

If you feel that I've somehow affected you, I encourage you to 
do a complain with the following governmental organizations.
Actually go wild, lie and say I hacked you and do a complain also:
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Integrated Technological Crime Unit
130 Dufferin Avenue
London, Ontario N6A 5R2
Telephone: (519) 640-7340
Fax: (519) 645-4382
Complain ID: I0701160343378261


and why not?!
You have your logs, my IP's, I told you were I live and you even have a satellite photo of my house, I think is enough information to submit a complain.

Anyways, there is a crisis on Darfur, war on terrorism, war on drugs, North Korea with nukes, Russia becoming a super-evil-power again and all that kind of stuff, but who cares about all that when a "script kiddie" "hacks" your "SEO blog" where you 
syndicate stuff from another blog? That has to be more important for them!
Make the complains please, I'll be waiting here for the mounted police to come :)

IP Mashup

According to some people in some forums, they've found me! Oh no, what I'm going to do?! Ehmmm... wait a second, I told you where I live and where I'm from (Canada, and I'm damn proud to say it!) so... I don't know who else are you looking for?

Anyways, I've been reading your PM also muahahahaha! Here are all my IP adresses that people have found: – Paris, FR – Texas, USA – Canada – Germany - Newton Highlands, MA, US - Houston, TX, US - San Jose, CA, US

What do they have in common? They are nods in the Tor network, so there you have it.  Here is a little diagram of tor:

Please consider donating some money to the project, these guys rock!

Things get fuzzy on the "blogsphere"

Wow... The "blogsphere" is going crazy about me! I told you that SEO was getting boring.

Here are some more links: