Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Something to think about it

Have you noticed that the discussion over DigitalPoint about me is 13 pages long?

Don't get confused, I'm not proud of this at all, I just want to make a point to all "SEO's" out there...

  • When was the last time YOU or something YOU did was the main topic of such a big discussion?
  • Better yet... When was the last time that someone talked about you or something you did?

It's not that hard at all, in fact anybody can generate such a response easily, especially if you call yourself a "SEO"... After all, the whole point of search engine optimization is to reach the most people you can, isn't it? So if you answered "NO" to both of them and you have a couple of years in this SEO stuff (I bet you did answered "NO", don't ya?) It's time for you to start wasting your time in something else...

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