Monday, January 15, 2007

Back again...

I'm going to keep it shorter, since I got deleted from for talking too much and maybe because I was targeting Wordpress blogs
(I love freedom of speech, dont you?)

Who I am?
In-real-life I study and own a web development studio. Online I'm a well known white hat SEO. You can find me at v7n, threadwatch, webmasterworld, digitalpoint and reading stuff from blogs like personified, copyblogger & seomoz (In fact I'm a moderator at one or two of those forums!) I love to help newbie’s on forums, movies and long walks on the beach... I have an “evil” alter ego called FuckingPirate.

FuckingPirate loves racking, warez, black hat stuff and general mayhem ;) FuckingPirate hangs out at IRC and spends all his bandwidth downloading torrents and yet-another asian porn video. As you might noticed, this site to my dark side...

What I’m going to do?


Why I’m doing this?
1. Because I want
2. Because I can
3. Because lately the SEO industry is LAME and BORING - Want a proof of that?
- The SEO industry is just a bunch of self-proclaimed gurus making more money from their "guru" status than from SEO.
- The blogsphere (God I hate that word) is filled with countless "SEO blogs" syndicating what other "SEO blog" syndicated from another "SEO blog" that syndicated some bullshit guru.
- The most insightful and fun thing that has happened recently in the SEO industry (and anyways It was a looong time ago!) was the freaking search engine spammer who indexed billions of pages in Google thanks to a bug in Blogger, some DNS wildcards and a PHP content generator.  Oh boy, people over webmasterwold and digitalpoint where going crazy about it!. So I’m about to bring back some fun to your lives…


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eli said...

lol. Well theres your problem man. You hang out on douche bag forums where douchebag gurus spend all day promoting themselves to other douchebags.